Endako Mine Bargaining Committee Asks for Strike Mandate

Sep 23, 2013


Over the last few days you have been flooded with rumors by a desperate employer. As your committee we have been consistent in our message to them that we want to negotiate a fair collective agreement that addresses the problems we have had with our seniority clause, lines of progression, union recognition and fair wages and benefits. This employer has responded with a proposal that attacks our coffee and lunch breaks, our statutory holidays, and a wage proposal that is well behind what our employer pays the employees at Mount Milligan as well as behind the rest of the mining industry.

When we left the bargaining table on September 13th, 2013 we told our employer we wanted a fair deal for both sides. And we are prepared to meet with them at any time.

It is time for us to send a message to our employer that you support your bargaining committee to get a fair deal that represents your contribution to the Company.

Together we can send this message to our employer and get them back to the negotiation table to get a fair deal. We can only do this with a strong strike vote from you.


Glen Fisher
Josh Weber
Adam Whitwell
Tim Wellman
Dan Will