Endako Members Give 95.7% strike Mandate

Sep 23, 2013

Endako Members Give 95.7% strike Mandate

The negotiating committee would like to thank everyone for the strong strike mandate in support of achieving a fair and just collective agreement.

Vote results

245 yes
11 No
O Spoiled
Total ballots cast 256

We have contacted the mediator with these results and informed him we are prepared to proceed with bargaining. We also acknowledge that the employer had been meeting with the membership prior to the vote, spreading incorrect information in the hope they could turn the vote; which was obviously unsuccessful. We thank you for expressing your displeasure to this employer tactic. Negotiations take place at the bargaining table; not directly with the crews and this employer has a little difficulty with the concept. The membership already provided their contract demands and backed them up with a strong strike mandate, it’s time to stop the games and get down to business.

Your bargaining committee will keep you informed on any new progress or developments.

In Solidarity,

Glen Fisher
Tim Wellman
Josh Weber
Adam Whitwell
Dan Will