Officers and Trustees Elected

May 21, 2015

Officers and Trustees Elected

On July 25th 2015 the Local Union will be conducting our Executive Board Meeting in Prince George. The following Officers and Trustees have been elected to hold office within the boundaries of USW local 1-424 for a term of three years as per our By Laws and the USW Constitution. Swearing in will take place at the commencement of the Executive Board Meeting.


President; Bro. Frank Everitt

1st Vice President; Bro. Brian O’Rourke

2nd Vice President; Bro. Rod Park

3rd Vice President; Bro. Dan Will

Financial Secretary; Bro. Don Iwaskow

Recording Secretary: Sis. Rhonda Armstrong

Warden; Bro. Sushil Thapar

Conductor; Sis. Linda Faulconer


Bro. Don Malchow

Bro. Surinder Bhatti