BBQs End for the Summer

Aug 5, 2016

This year the officers and Staff managed to provide BBQs to a number of operations throughout the Local, Burns lake, Smithers Coast Mountain, New-Pro which started up after a long shut and a number of others in the local. "Its great" said First Vice President Brian O'Rourke, "we get the opportunity to meet with the members and provide a little lunch in the process." Each year the local selects a number of operations for the BBQ and delivers this on site and for all shifts. We represent a vast area'' said Frank Everitt President, but our objective is to make sure we cover all operations before starting over and the reception from the members has been excellent.

Frank & Brian serving it up

"Credit has to go to our Financial Secretary Don Iwaskow'' added Brian O'Rourke, "he keeps the trailer in top shape and makes sure all the necessities are in place for each trip."