Local Supports USW 1-207 at Tolko High Level

Feb 13, 2013

February 14th, 2013

Re: Tolko High Level Negotiations

Dear Brother Stewart

We are all extremely disappointed and share your frustration regarding negotiations between your local and Tolko High level. Today the world is a small place when you consider the effects of instant media which brings the plight of others to the forefront instantly. Forest workers have come to the aid of this industry countless times over the past 20 years because of markets and global recessions while making significant concessions throughout those difficult times, your struggle today is testimony to their short memory.

Everyone recognizes the difficult situation both the Local and members are faced with but we stand with you and support your fight for a fair collective agreement that allows everyone to move forward without the threats of lockout or having to strike. Whatever the outcome, we stand firmly in support of the local and membership.

In Solidarity,

Frank Everitt