Lakeland Mills Will Rebuild

Mar 25, 2013

The announcement that Lakeland Mills intends to rebuild the Mill was welcome news to the 100 members in attendance at the official announcement, the media were informed an hour later. Although details are still underdevelopment, said Frank Everitt President, the fact the commitment has been made is the news our members and their families were waiting to hear. We have worked closely with the company over the months since the fire and explosion claimed the lives of Glenn Roche and Al little. We still have a period of time before the Mill is completed, which has a target of mid 2014, but our members and families can at least plan for the future. The Local Union will continue to work with Lakelands as the project evolves. The Local Union and the Company are committed to ensuring members are updated on progress. This will be a more modern operation, with the best safety technology incorporated into facility and this is a top priority for the Local Union and the Company.

This has been a difficult time for everyone, with the re-building confirmed; the future looks brighter for our members and their families which is important as the healing process continues.